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Why a specialized hand should carry out your maintenance needs


A lot of buildings get dilapidated not too long after they were constructed or earlier than the proposed failure date and this is because of poor maintenance. Many buildings and properties were well planned and constructed but the post-construction phase of a building project is neglected. This post-construction phase is called maintenance. Maintenance is important for every machine, gadget, and building, even the human body needs maintenance. This is why the maintenance of a building must not be overlooked.

There are various types of maintenance and each of them has specific ways of influencing the lifespan of a building. The various types of maintenance are:

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Protective Maintenance
  • Maintenance of electrical installations
  • Corrective maintenance

Some of these maintenance actions are pre-breakdown and some are post-breakdown. For example, preventive maintenance is a pre-breakdown type of maintenance while corrective maintenance is a post-breakdown type of maintenance. Preventive maintenance is an action you can carry out under the supervision of a maintenance personnel since it involves petty tasks anybody can perform; however, supervision is important to ensure you are doing things the right and standard way not according to your discretion.

Corrective maintenance should be carried out by specialists in the field where the breakdown occurred. This is because poorly performed maintenance leads to greater disaster. Corrective maintenance, protective maintenance, and maintenance of electrical installations should not be carried out without proper knowledge of the maintenance techniques needed to solve the problem at hand. We want you to understand why there are some maintenance actions you shouldn’t try to perform by yourself, we will be looking into them in the next section.

Why a specialized hand should carry out your maintenance needs

The explanation of the types of maintenance is to show you the various types of maintenance and how you should act towards them. It is safe to say that maintenance is as important as the construction of a building. Proper construction materials form the foundation of the building but maintenance sustains the building. You can’t afford to put yourself and your property in danger by deciding to perform a maintenance action you are not fit for. This is because a simple mistake can be very disastrous. Let’s specifically point out some reasons.

Safety risk

When you go ahead to perform a task or operation you are not trained for, you are only putting yourself in danger. There is necessary training a person must undergo before performing some maintenance tasks. Failure to partake in this training would mean that a person is not prepared for that particular maintenance task. Being unprepared and performing the task is synonymous with a person playing with fire because as cool as it sounds, maintenance processes are not all easy. This safety risk is in two ways, there is a risk to the building and a risk for the person performing the maintenance.

  • For the building: There is a great risk for the building or your property because when you carry out maintenance unprofessionally and probably don’t do it well, you just add to the problems the building has. Corrective maintenance is meant to correct a fault or address a breakdown and it will be very unfortunate if a process that is meant to correct causes more damage. When the effect of damage is multiplied, the building naturally has a shorter life span and this is risky because the building will reach breakdown faster than the planned breakdown period.
  • For the person: The person who carried out the maintenance action is even in greater danger when there is no knowledge about the process that is being carried out. For example, there is a crack on the wall and I have to use a ladder to reach that point. I get the ladder, put it across the hall and start climbing. There is a possibility that I didn’t fix the ladder well. This situation would mean that there is a probability that I will fall. This is a risky step to take and it is not advised. Before carrying out preventive maintenance, ensure you have been trained on that situation and you are doing it under supervision. Meanwhile, corrective maintenance should be left to trained maintenance personnel to avoid danger.

For both cases, what is at stake is important, a human life is important and an asset is also important so none can be neglected, and lucky enough, there is a way to get both. Being careful, following guidelines, and letting professionals do the work would go a long way to protect a person and his/her property from danger.

Wasting of resources

An experienced person will know how best to use maintenance resources because of experience. In a bid to perform maintenance, an inexperienced person can buy a lot of things that are not needed or do not buy things that are needed. Experienced maintenance personnel will not be a victim of this issue because of the previous experience that they have. Even in the implementation of resources, an inexperienced person should not be around a site because safety issues talk less of being allowed to perform maintenance. It is better to pass our maintenance needs to a professional hand so that they can be accountable in case another breakdown occurs after a previous work has been done.

We have stressed why involving a professional hand for your maintenance needs is important for both your safety and the management of resources. It is better to be safe than sorry. Maintenance can be very dangerous when you don’t understand how things are done. Someone is probably thinking where can they get a professional hand to assist with my maintenance work, you are in the right place.

Fasten General Contracting can cater to your maintenance needs. The track records of FGC in the market are commendable and they tell a story of the expertise of Fasten General Contracting.

FGC can give you a specialized maintenance team or make an individual do the work for you, we always want to see you happy. So what are you waiting for, book a service today.

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